DGN Converter

DGN file format is one of the major project formats in industrial area. Although it is not so popular used as DWG formats. DGN converter is the solution to exchange the data from DGN to DWG for editing. DGN convert to DXF is also available by this DGN file converter. It is a DGN to DWG converter and DGN to DXF converter.

In 2000, Bentley Systems created an updated version of DGN which version is properly referred to as V8 DGN. V8 DGN converter is also could be named based on the function. Although the DGN converter is not as versatile as other program, it specialized in DGN conversion in high quality and sound speed.

If users did want to find an easy to handle and valuable one, DGN converter is the best one. Free download for trial.

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How to convert DGN to DXF with DGN Converter?

First: Install the program to PC. Double click the icon to launch it.
Second: Below interface would appear. Find DGN file in your computer by click in “Input” line. STD version did not support batch conversion mode. You can only convert the files one by one.

Third: Set the output folder and the DXF version. The default keeping folder is the same as the original files. If you want to change, click the icon and rename the file for keeping.

Fourth: Convert and view. Set all the setting, click convert to begin. A few seconds later, a box will pop up to remind that view the converted file or not.

What is DGN File?

Files with the .dgn extension refer to "DesiGN" files, the native drawing format used by Micro Station software -- a suite of Computer-Aided Design applications and developed by Bentley Systems. Micro station utilizes DGN files solely in Windows Operating Systems, but provides support for other drawing files, such as those with the .dwg extension. Files with the .dgn extension are vector image files designed to house drawings of construction design, and are basically used by engineers, architectures, and the like to create digital representations of architectural structures. Two versions of DGN files are used. First is the ISFF-based DGN file, which was used until year 2000, while the other is V8 DGN, an updated format that has a different structure from the ISFF standard.