DWG to Flash Converter

I have been asked a question that how to convert DWG to SWF for sharing with friends. Now the DWG to Flash Converter can help you convert DWG to SWF, convert DXF to SWF files. It can also function as Flash SWF converter.
You are no need to worry about sharing and publishing AutoCAD DWG files on the web? DWG to Flash Converter is the best tool to convert DWG to SWF, DXF to SWF and flash your AutoCAD drawings. 
Please have a try with this DWG to Flash Converter and share your drawings with others in an easier way.

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Software Screenshot of DWG to Flash Converter

How to Convet AutoCAD DWG to Flash SWF file?

  Find "Browse" in Input DWG File column to select the file form the computer. Find Browse in Output File column to set the output folder.

In this step, you can set the ouput size, background color, output type, layout.

set pen's color and width. There are lots of color for you to chose.

Hit the "Convert" button to start the conversion. After the conversion. the program would remind you to view the converted file or not.


Q: I type SWFOUT in AutoCAD command line, but it prompt: unknown command
A: You can try as followings:
(1) Go to the program folder where DWG to Flash Converter is installed( e.g. c:\Program Files\AutoDWG\FlashDWG), run the program loadit.exe and launch the AutoCAD again.
(2). if this still doesn't work, you can load the program by manual. Type arx, press L to load, go to the program folder where FlashDWG is installed, select appropriate arx version.


AutoCAD 2004~2012


AutoCAD 2000/2002


AutoCAD R14 

Q: How can I view .swf file?
A: Just drag the swf file into  Internet Explorer (IE).

Q: How can Create Flash Map?
A: First Get or Create map in dwg format, then convert dwg to flash. you can create flash map very easily.