DWG to JPEG Converter

Many people on the Internet are asking how to convert DWG to JPEG format? DWG is AutoCAD file format, which cannot be shared or directly printed. To solve that problem, many people are thinking of converting DWG to other file formats that can be opened without AutoCAD.
"What is the best way to covert AutoCAD to JPEG format? I need to convert the AutoCAD drawing (.dwg format) into jpeg format but I can't find any option in CAD or any other program. So does someone know what the best way to do that is? “- Yahoo! Answers
As we mentioned above, the best solution is DWG to JPEG converter which supports to batch converts DWG to JPG, DWG to TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG, and WMF/EMF in fast speed, without the need of AutoCAD. DWG to JPEG converter was specially developed for making CAD files more accessible and suitable for wide use as a visual material. This DWG converter offers more than simple creating JPEG copies, it is capable to make conversion with various settings, starting from the choice of color palette and size and finishing with converting several DWG files into one single image. It was developed in full accordance with the customers’ needs.
More functions are waiting for you to try. Free download this DWG to JPEG converter.

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Main Features of DWG to JPEG Converter

Publishing your drawings to the Internet;
CD-ROM to store and manage your drawings; 
Desktop publishing software;
Output format support: BMP, JPG, TIF, GIF, PNG, WMF, EMF;
Support Format: DWG, DXF;
Support AutoCAD version: R2.6 ~ R2012;
Pen width setting;
Adjust background;
SHX font path;


This program is easy to use; the hint step interface would lead you to finish all the setting and conversion.                                           

Step 1: Double click the desktop icon. below interface wold show up. If it is the first time to run the converter. you are lead by step.
If it is not, you could open the *.dmc file which is an container to save all the setting you have done including input file path, pen setting, ouput format setting.                   

Step 2: Add files. Tick the input file format for input. single or batch files for you easily to choose.

Step 3: Zoom and layout option. Zoom option you can tick Zoom Extents, Last saved view, Zoom All. Layout options you can choose Model space, paper space, Active layout and all layout.                                                                           

Step 4: select the output format and background color.

Step 5: Pen's width and color setting.                     

Step 6: For shx font add, if you did not need. you can click next to skip this step and forward to output file setting. Hit Browse to selec the file keeping folder.                    

Step 7: Click convert to start.